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1. Defining the Basics for the Project Team

– until you have time to develop detailed team guidelines, the best way is to keep things flowing is the Define the Basics

2. Decision Making Styles for Project Managers and Teams

– as leaders we tend to have a preferred style; not every style is best suited for the given situation.

3. Assess the Profile of Your Audience

– here are questions you need answers before making your presentation.

4. Communicating Problems to Stakeholders

– here are some strategies to communicate problems to stakeholders

5. Preparing for the PMP or Other Certification Exam

– best advice is to treat it as a project – plan it, schedule it, monitor it.

6. How to Conduct a Stakeholder Analysis – Part 1

– Stakeholder Analysis should always be done at the beginning of the project.

7. How to Manage Stakeholder Communication – Part 2

– complete a Stakeholder Analysis before starting this section.

8. Engaging Team Members in Virtual Meetings

– PM’s grapple with ever increasing difficulty of engaging team members when they can not see each other and have more pressing priorities.

9. 12 Rules That Will Make You an Extraordinary (Virtual) Project Manager

– virtual project managers who manage remote employees should use these proven practices

10. Questioning Techniques for PM’s – Digging a Little Deeper

– to be an effective PM, you need to develop skills that help you understand the perspectives around a problem or issue.

did you know...

1. Today’s economic landscape demands that professionals have key interpersonal skills required to facilitate brainstorming or data-gathering sessions, run high-profile meetings, and speak to both technical, non-technical and management audiences.

2. Interpersonal style, along with communication, customer-service and relationship-building skills, is critical not only to personal success, but also to the success of a project or organization as a whole. Presenting the right message, in the right medium, at the right time can be a difficult - though necessary - set of skills to acquire.

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