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Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or a beginner searching for a way to excel on the job, B.E.B. has the class that’s right for you. We take a unique approach to teaching, using our unique "People/Process" philosophy to fit individual or business needs.

Our classes differ from the large project management companies where you are part of a large, formal audience. Instead, B.E.B. offers you personalized attention and hands-on training. Read what our satisfied clients have to say!

Our Classes:

  • Develop and deliver project management training for all levels of experience and competence
  • Focus on both technical and soft skills needed by project managers
  • Are small (12-15 people) and utilize student centered techniques; your ‘on the job’ experience combines with our professional expertise, so you get real information that can be put into practice immediately

Types of Classes:

B.E.B.’s classes differ from the large project management companies where you are part of a large audience.

  • Public classes: are open to all, set at specific locations/dates
  • Customized classes: are usually developed for a specific client or clients – class topics may be modified, deleted and new topics included to emphasize specific needs
  • Exclusively for your organization: customized classes meet your specific needs by incorporating your methodology and/or project documents into our existing class. We can tailor specific topics to meet your needs.

“I passed the test yesterday!! It was nerve racking...I truly believe that the training we received is a great foundation...Jason”

did you know...

1. Our PMCOACH has a "DO YOU KNOW" series on youtube.com.  Click here to check out our PMCOACH series. 

2. For those of you who have taken a PMP Certification training class but have not yet been able to sit for the exam, we offer a virtual Accelerated PMP Refresher class.  We review all the material you need to be successful on the PMP exam in 5 online sessions, each lasting 3 hours.  Click here for the schedule.





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