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The success of your business is directly correlated to the productivity of your employees. B.E.B. offers your employees—your most valued asset—coaching they need to reach their fullest potential. We work with full project teams, key individuals or project executives.

What coaching can do for your business:

  • Provide targeted mentoring and coaching to individuals or project teams
  • Facilitate project planning sessions and kick-off meetings
  • Assess project management readiness levels and create development improvement plans
  • Coach individuals or teams to accomplish organizational goals
  • Provide focused educational components for both technical and soft skills

“You approached the class with a lot of enthusiasm and I could tell you really enjoyed teaching about project management…The energy you brought made a tremendous difference… Jim G.”

did you know...

1. Project Management Coaching is a powerful approach to improving an organization's effectiveness. There is a gap between attending a workshop and applying the new information at work. That gap is best filled by providing a coach for the project manager.

2. Which of these 3 levels of coaching would work best for your organization?

• total coaching – great for a pm who is new to the role

• mid range coaching – good for a pm with some skills or natural ability

• periodic check-in/audit – appropriate for strong pm’s looking to improve specific areas

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