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What is Project Management and why is it right for you?

Project Management is a proven method for planning, organizing and implementing projects and services with the scope, cost, time and quality desired.

The benefits are many for both small and large organizations in all industries or lines of work. Project Management:

  • Focuses employee efforts on the key strategic objectives for the organization
  • Increases employee satisfaction, higher project management competency and confidence, and the ability to get things done
  • Increases stakeholder and customer satisfaction by initiating timely and honest communication, collaborative efforts among project stakeholders and identification of key needs
  • Decreases wasted efforts by allowing for better use of resources and identification of competing efforts
  • Assures that project are completed on time and on budget to accomplish your goals efficiently and effectively
did you know...

According to Project Management Institute, there are over 278,000 active PMP's on a global basis.

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