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Leadership skills will be the Project Managerís critical success factor in the current and future workplace.

We provide specific classes based on our research of current trends as well as project manager feedback. All of our leadership classes are built on the following foundation:

  • A self-assessment instrument to facilitate identification of strengths and development opportunities
  • Content based on educational principles
  • Experiential discussions based on case studies, real situations and participant experiences

Effective Stakeholder Analysis and Management   read more  ...

For PMís looking to advance their career and develop their leadership skills, the ability to win support for their projects becomes increasingly important. Stakeholder Management is the discipline that successful PMís use to win support from others.

Managing Virtual Teams  read more  ...

More and more, projects are organized over distance with teams increasingly consisting of members who are based in dispersed geographical locations, have flexible work situations and come from different cultural and generational backgrounds. Project Managers working with these types of project teams need targeted tools and approaches.

Managing Conflict in Project Teams  read more  ...

For most of us, managing people is harder than managing projects. Add to that a difficult economic environment resulting in the need to do more with less resources. Project Managers need to learn real world strategies for leveraging the positive aspects of conflict while effectively managing any negative effects within the project team.

did you know...

1. Today’s economic landscape demands that professionals have key interpersonal skills required to facilitate brainstorming or data-gathering sessions, run high-profile meetings, and speak to both technical, non-technical and management audiences.

2. Interpersonal style, along with communication, customer-service and relationship-building skills, is critical not only to personal success, but also to the success of a project or organization as a whole. Presenting the right message, in the right medium, at the right time can be a difficult - though necessary - set of skills to acquire.

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